Friday, July 31, 2009

Say, "NOT ON MY SKIN" with a Spiritual Drink

Get a copy of JR Alila’s NOT ON MY SKIN ( and arm yourself for the dialogue on RACE. You are part of the dialogue on race, whether you open your mouth or not; it affects you on the road;it meets you as check out your items in a food store; it affects you at a table in an eatery with that exotic girl or boy; it confronts you in a bar, it impedes your efficiency as a teacher, doctor or priest; it confronts you right inside your church, synagogue or mosque—all in very subtle ways. Don’t be a Victim or Agent of Race Rage. Join President Obama’s efforts toward putting off this simmering fire. A drink of weak beer is not be enough to quench the simmering racial fire; beyond today’s drink in the White House, we all need to clothe ourselves with the spirit of love. It has to start in an individual’s heart before it becomes a community fashion, onward to being a national style.

JR Alila

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