Thursday, July 16, 2009


Kenya's politics will never be the same, again. What is important is how we mange it so that tribal "kingpins" do not sink with us. The power to nurse Kenya through the current mess is with you and me, and every Kenyan on the street. Never again should a Kenyan throw a stone at another because a politician's political interests are threatened.

Now, the wise out there:
Why should anybody named in the WAKI LIST still hold an office and title?
I want anybody holding a ministerial potfolio gone by the morning following Ociampo's disclosure of their names; otherwise the IDPs in refugee camps will have no hope.
It is true that we are innocent until proven guilty, but being in the WAKI LIST is troubling enough to cause any politician with a coscience to reconsider whether he or she is an asset or a liability to his or her Nation, Kenya. Stepping aside is the honorable thing to do.
PM Odinga and President Kibaki should have the will to let go their tarnished 'friends' and pick up new ones.
If it is political marriages that are being protected, then let Parliament prepare Kenya for fresh elections under a New constitution. A Politically realigned Nation will be a stronger entity.

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