Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It is a Ball Game

The Kenyan 2007 Presidential contest is under 60 days away. The man known as Hon. Agwambo Raila Odinga with his ODM Party and his 6-person council of wizzies appear to be running away with the ball with 15 minutes left in the football game (I mean soccer game). Pundits say that it is 2005 referundum all over, except the top echolons of the local Catholic Church have joined the anti-Majimbo side of the debate, in which PNU, President Kibaki's just-off-the-production-line reelection vehicle is king. The last time I checked, PNU was in and out of the pits with internal mechanics problems.
JR Alila

Friday, October 19, 2007

Spirituality and Kenyan Politics

Spirituality and Kenyan Politics
the last time I checked on Kenyan politics from my remote location in the diaspora, every politician was in a church or Mosque, and sometimes in both in the same week. And our brothers in Bungoma appeared to have been reading my most recent book, The Wise One in Ramogiland (ISBN 14303-2554-3). There is no doubt Kenyan politics has taken a spiritual dimension as projected in my book. There is a Priest running for President; a senior APK Priest has joined the Gachoka parliamentary race. And our brothers in Bungoma and Luyialand believe that Masinde's Prophesy has been fulfilled---the man known as Agwambo (the mystique), a dedicated fan of both political football and real football, is their answer and vehicle to the promised land.

Joseph R Alila.
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