Thursday, April 30, 2009


On the struggle over who would be the leader of Government Business in the cureent Kenyan Parliament, and thus control the Parliamentary Agenda, it would appear that ODM has staged a civil coup over President Kibaki's PNU.
The Speaker of the House, Hon. Marende, after a brilliant obfuscation and legal wizardry, all but declared that anybody, even a stranger in parliament can be the Leader of Government Business under Commonwealth Parliamentary Practices, which tend to set precedence for all member states, declared himself the Acting Leader of Government Business until President Kibaki and PM Odinga give him the new leader.
Now, Hon. Marende, before he got his job as Speaker of the House, was an ODM MP. Even if we assume that the speaker is independent minded, ODM must be feeling good out of this manoeuvre, which everyone including Annan and fellow African Eminences have declared wise and brilliant.
PNU must be planning other moves, but with all Kenyan women test-driving a seven-day sex holiday until Parliament passes reform measures in line with Annan's Agenda 4, it may be too late for political foot-dragging.
JR Alila


Kenyan women lobbyists have ordered sex boycott, until parliament legislates constitutional reforms. declare sex boycott