Friday, July 13, 2007

Thiteen Curses on Mother Africa

Joseph R. Alila, the author of the novel, Sunset on Polygamy ISBN No. 1424166845(PublishAmerica), who gave us a rare peek into the mysterious world of polygamy and romantic experiences of an African polygamist and his modern perils (in AIDS), is at it again in the long-awaited poetry collection, THIRTEEN CURSES ON MOTHER AFRICA (ISBN: 978-14303-1592-6).

This eye-opening collection of poems is published by Lulu (March 2007) ( the world's fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books. Thirteen Curses on Mother Africa is available at Lulu Storefront (;/) , and is available Worldwide in such online stores and outlets as as, and,

In these mournful yet spiritually uplifting poems, Alila offers us a critical satirical exposition in verse of the causes of the maladies that continue to ail the African Continent. The poet mentally walks the reader through Addis, the symbolic home base to the lethargic African Union, and the absent African man and Leader, to the Longsuffering African woman. He then mourns the ravishing famine and debilitating disease epidemics in AIDS and Malaria of the East, Central and South, before crying over the Curses in Oil and Gems in the West and Center. If the readers have any tears left, they will shed them as the author mourns senseless brother-on-brother wars and the precipitous and dehumanizing and shameful child labor, that is seen all over Africa.
The common themes of Ebony’s deceitful Alien Lovers, the curses in Globalization and Free Trade, Institutionalized Corruption, and the African Dictator, are not spared by the poet’s pen. Notable numbers in this thematically-current, poetry collection are "The Longsuffering African woman," "The Thirteen Curses," and "Beautiful Ebony, Mother of All Mankind."

J R Alila


Dear Readers,

New at Lulu Books ( This Summer (2007), Joseph R. Alila brings to you a must-read spiritual novel, "The Milayi Curse" (ISBN No. 978-14303-2441-6), about the exciting ministerial life of a legendary pioneering White Priest, Father James O'Kilghor among the Jokamlai (an African Clan).


When an orphan, Charles Milayi, excels in his middle-school examinations, Father James O’Kilghor finds himself as the keeper of a secret involving members of two related African sub-clans (The Milayis and The Jamokos) gripped in a century-old, spiritual/social-class cold war. The victims of this spiritual war are said to be under the spell of "The Milayi Curse." So intense is the century-old, silent war that no male could inherit a widow from the opposing side of the clan divide. Those who tried to break this jinx either lost their way to their lovers' houses, or broke their legs in freak accidents. And the few who successfully "wormed" their way into widows' houses had perilous experiences that never would yield a son. (It is left to you, the reader, to discover the genesis of the dreaded Milayi Curse).

In "The Milayi Curse," Joseph R. Alila (the Author of Sunset on Polygamy ISBN No. 1424166845) poses the questions: Must Father James O’Kilghor have revealed the secret to demonstrate that a good-hearted Jamoko (David) had sponsored a scholarly Milayi boy (Charles) at a time when his own son (Councillor Thomas Jamoko) could not manage to graduate out of middle school? Had Father James O’Kilghor gotten himself dangerously involved in alien, spiritual disputes, even as he was a Christian Priest whose duty was to minister to any soul?

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Joseph R. Alila

The Wise One of Ramogiland

Dear Friends and Fans,

Dear Friends and Fans,
As promised a couple of weeks ago, here comes Joseph R. Alila's last Summer 2007 literary installment in the new novel "THE WISE ONE OF RAMOGILAND" (ISBN 978-1-4303-2554-3, published by Lulu(

In The Wise One of Ramogiland, Alila employs mild satirical comedy, in an attempt to explore the life of a wise spiritual counsellor and kingmaker, The Wise One , who must strugle with the "people's burdens" and the pangs of political patronage. Very old, Nyangi The Wise One must suffer due to her longevity and the unseemly conduct of her son, and her heir-apparent (Thomas), whose ascendancy to The Stool of Inner Knowledge is long overdue.
As a Seer's Regent, she must suffer the burdens and unfulfilled political hopes of her Ramogi people. However, she must teach the Ramogi Warriors the virtues of self-abnegation and patience in leadership, even as she understands their pain and perils under the complex politics of cohabitation in a young, multiethnic, multiparty democratic space. In Alila's Ramogiland, spirituality (The Ramogi Factor) is not only central to life in general, but also to the lives of the modern political animals known as the Ramogi Warriors.

In this novel, Alila speaks to the past, the present and the future of his Ramogi (Luo) people of Kenya. He offers a rare peak into the workings of the "enigmatic" Ramogi mind (and collective communal psyche), in a carefully crafted mental tour of such themes as spirituality, health, governance and culture within the context of complexities presented by a multiethnic, multipaty democratic space.
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Joseph R. Alila

Wednesday, July 11, 2007



Joseph R Alila's latest novel, "THE WISE ONE OF RAMOGILAND," ISBN 1-4303-2554-3 ( is published.
Check on-line outlets such as www.campusi and for it. Also Barnes and Noble, and Borders Bookstores will call it for you.

Joseph R. Alila

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Ramogi Wisdom in Politics

Hi Friends,
The storyline in Joseph R. Alila's "The Wise One of Ramogiland" is playing itself out (live) in the Orange Party, the so-called ODM-Kenya. The Orange is rapidly disintegrating slice-by-slice. Pundits are not sure if any of it will be left by Dec 31, 2007. Unlock the workings of the Ramogi (Luo) psyche in Kenyan Politics: Read Joseph R. Alila's "The Wise One of Ramogiland" (ISBN 978-1-4303-2554-3).
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Loyal worker,
Joseph R. Alila