Monday, December 31, 2007



You want to join other Kenyans and friends of Kenyan in mourning the victims of the current political stalemate in Kenya which followed the bungled vote count after the Kenya 2007 Election. We should all pray for Divine intervention in the hearts of our politicians.
The immediate change of the Constitution (as a first Item in the New Perliamentary Business) and the creation of a Prime Minister's Post for Hon. Raila Odinga (or anybody else acceptable to ODM--the party with a parliamentary majority) may help difuse the current stalemate. This proposal may be unpleasant to some politicians, but it would help disperse power to the agrieved (Hon. Odinga and ODM) and ease pressure on the Nation which remains ours and requires urgent healing.
Of immediate importance is an end to the bloodletting in Kenya, a return to political sanity among politicians, and the creation of the "Judicial Review" proposed by Commissioner Tumwa and his co-commissioners to sort out what happened during vote-tallying at KICC, and offer remedial action to agrieved parties; if some ECK members and Staff must go to jail over the bungled electoral process, so be it.
You want to read the "WISE ONE OF RAMOGILAND" by Joseph R. Alila (published by Lulu( for a meaningful reflection on the ethnicized Kenyan electoral politics, and some of the author's fascinating prophetic lines on the "The (Preeminent) Ramogi Warrior" (Chapters 20-23)

Joseph R. Alila