Friday, July 31, 2009


In the KIBAKI-ODINGA CABINET taking the TJRC Path, we Kenyans hope that Kenyans mentioned by Judge WAKI and others will have an opportunity to confess their sins, pay goats to the offended (for ordinary crimes) and move on reconciled, OR be forwarded to a higher court in Kenya to be tried if they commited capital offences under the Kenyan Constitutiton and Penal Code, OR be forwarded to the HAGUE if they sponsored "high crimes against humanity."
That is my village understanding from Ramogi wisdom, folks. Correct me if I'm wrong; I'm not a lawyer.

Say, "NOT ON MY SKIN" with a Spiritual Drink

Get a copy of JR Alila’s NOT ON MY SKIN ( and arm yourself for the dialogue on RACE. You are part of the dialogue on race, whether you open your mouth or not; it affects you on the road;it meets you as check out your items in a food store; it affects you at a table in an eatery with that exotic girl or boy; it confronts you in a bar, it impedes your efficiency as a teacher, doctor or priest; it confronts you right inside your church, synagogue or mosque—all in very subtle ways. Don’t be a Victim or Agent of Race Rage. Join President Obama’s efforts toward putting off this simmering fire. A drink of weak beer is not be enough to quench the simmering racial fire; beyond today’s drink in the White House, we all need to clothe ourselves with the spirit of love. It has to start in an individual’s heart before it becomes a community fashion, onward to being a national style.

JR Alila

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Kenya's politics will never be the same, again. What is important is how we mange it so that tribal "kingpins" do not sink with us. The power to nurse Kenya through the current mess is with you and me, and every Kenyan on the street. Never again should a Kenyan throw a stone at another because a politician's political interests are threatened.

Now, the wise out there:
Why should anybody named in the WAKI LIST still hold an office and title?
I want anybody holding a ministerial potfolio gone by the morning following Ociampo's disclosure of their names; otherwise the IDPs in refugee camps will have no hope.
It is true that we are innocent until proven guilty, but being in the WAKI LIST is troubling enough to cause any politician with a coscience to reconsider whether he or she is an asset or a liability to his or her Nation, Kenya. Stepping aside is the honorable thing to do.
PM Odinga and President Kibaki should have the will to let go their tarnished 'friends' and pick up new ones.
If it is political marriages that are being protected, then let Parliament prepare Kenya for fresh elections under a New constitution. A Politically realigned Nation will be a stronger entity.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


ICC Counsel HE Ocianpo opens today the envelope containing the names of those who were adversely implicated in the deaths during Kenya's post-election violence in 2007/2008. Jurist Muite sets the Legal issues straight and lays political responsibility where it belongs. next after handing of Waki ‘envelope’ to ICC?

Meanwhile Kibaki's cabinet meets to discuss various issues, including
1. The thorny issue of a Local Tribunal---which experts such as Muite believe would be a sham unless there is a new constitutional dispensation and a new government in Kenya
2. What responsibility the previous Electoral Commission should bear over the deaths? (Should there be a Kriegler Envelop?)
3. Presidential Clemency and Raila summon Cabinet

Kenyans, tighten your belts for the journey ahead.

Take my advice in RATENG' AND BRIDE By JR Alila
Let no politician tell you to carry any weapon against another Kenyan of a different tribe or political persuasion.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Author Joseph R Alila had a successful book-signing event July 4th, 2009 in Binghamton during the First Annual Graduate-African Student Association Organization’s Alumni meeting. This hopefully will be an annual event in different parts of the United States of America.

Interest was high for Alila’s THE LUO DREAMERS’ ODYSSEY: From the Sudan to American Power.

Alila’s poetry collection,Thirteen Curses on Mother Africa ( written with the literary fearlessness of the late Africa Literary Okot p’Bitek had a very soft spot for some of JR Alila’s fans.

JR Alila signed other copies of his other novels and poetry collections.

Friday, July 3, 2009


I'll be signing copies of my new novel THE LUO DREAMERS ODYSSEY: From the Sudan to American Power in Binghamton NY July 4th.