Thursday, November 15, 2007

New Political Posturings

Aren't things hot in the Kenyan Presidential race. Mzee Matiba (Ford Asili) is in the race. How will this affect the Kibaki effort? I say, a lot. Muran'ga is not at peace for all the reasons you know; coffee farming is not doing well and so is the general economy.
The last I checked NationTV Hon. Odinga and his ODM Pentagon had a Mr. Dick Morris by their side. Now, that is interesting. Dick Morris is an an American Political Wizz credited with having guided President Clinton to two consecutive terms. Since then he became , a mong other things, a Republican political pundit; but once a democrat always a Clinton.
To a Kenyan like me, such credentials could have meant nothing until a few years back: Political Opinion-Polling is with us, and so is everything expected in an open democratic space, including interprating Opinion Polls. Steadman's Wolf runs biweekly polls to which a lot of Kenyans have either heaped praise or anger depending on whether their candidate is on top or not. There are other polls out there too being run by The Sunday Nation. A wise man (like Hon. Odinga) needs a Wizzie like Dick Morris to help him separate real sociopolitical trends from human errors and inexplicable euphoria in poll-taking. I told you that ODMhad hired a lot of psychologists to handle candidates who lose in the party parliamentary nominations. That how a professional political party operates. Mr. Morris is a psychologist, but with a higher mandate, which is to offer round the clock to the ODM Pentagon. I hope he will not attempt to advise Agwambo (aka Arap Mibei, Jamba, Nabongo) to tone down on his rich football imagery.
That is how I see it.
PNU pundits cannot embrace Steadman Polls and question why Hon. Odinga needs Mr. Dick Morris, nor scoff at his Americanness. The times have changed, and the kind of political Wizzardry, which a lot of our politicians have embraced during these trying times, and which I talk about in the novel, The Wise One of Ramogiland, is not enough to see any politician to either state House or Parliament. If PNU has not hired a Morris (local or international) they should look for one.
Joseph R. Alila
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