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New at Lulu Books ( This Summer (2007), Joseph R. Alila brings to you a must-read spiritual novel, "The Milayi Curse" (ISBN No. 978-14303-2441-6), about the exciting ministerial life of a legendary pioneering White Priest, Father James O'Kilghor among the Jokamlai (an African Clan).


When an orphan, Charles Milayi, excels in his middle-school examinations, Father James O’Kilghor finds himself as the keeper of a secret involving members of two related African sub-clans (The Milayis and The Jamokos) gripped in a century-old, spiritual/social-class cold war. The victims of this spiritual war are said to be under the spell of "The Milayi Curse." So intense is the century-old, silent war that no male could inherit a widow from the opposing side of the clan divide. Those who tried to break this jinx either lost their way to their lovers' houses, or broke their legs in freak accidents. And the few who successfully "wormed" their way into widows' houses had perilous experiences that never would yield a son. (It is left to you, the reader, to discover the genesis of the dreaded Milayi Curse).

In "The Milayi Curse," Joseph R. Alila (the Author of Sunset on Polygamy ISBN No. 1424166845) poses the questions: Must Father James O’Kilghor have revealed the secret to demonstrate that a good-hearted Jamoko (David) had sponsored a scholarly Milayi boy (Charles) at a time when his own son (Councillor Thomas Jamoko) could not manage to graduate out of middle school? Had Father James O’Kilghor gotten himself dangerously involved in alien, spiritual disputes, even as he was a Christian Priest whose duty was to minister to any soul?

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Joseph R. Alila

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