Sunday, January 13, 2008

Wisdom From Kenya Elections

Word of Wisdom to you my friends:

In our collective experience a bride does not just walk into the bridegroom's bedroom, however rich the bride price purse; men have to wrestle their way home with her on their backs. That is what separated PNU form ODM. The former PNU grabbed the bride as her fierce brothers slept; the latter kept sweet-talking and showering the bride and her grandmother with goodies. Words, unless divine, will never move a mountain, leave alone an earthly bride (The Wise One declares). Didn't PNU's greatest Scribe offer the following Epistle to all the Churches in Central Province: "Never allow the spotted Leopard to guard your goats"?In Ramogi Alila's Novel, "The Wise One of Ramogiland," The Seer asks the Preeminent Warrior, " Can you be happy to be the Premier in two months, but from a wheel chair?" ODM never bruised itself before the elections. Electoral Lists were being doctored in broad daylight, but ODM's mournful words were ignored. At that stage of ECK's complicity, ODM should have gone to court to stop the elections or order a public review of all electoral lists. Instead of The Warrior coordinating forces on the morning of 27/12/2007, he found himself fighting to be a registered voter! One must Want the Bride so badly that he killed the spotted Leopard to secure her. That was the respected Scribe's point in his Ethnic Epistle, and it worked in PNU's favour. Don't we say in Luo, YUORO LAW KWACH (The Bride is as valuble as the Leopard's cloth)? The Presidency is a Bride: The world over, people go the extra distance in the use of rare wisdom and technology to win her over: Ask President Bush or Nobel Laureat Gore; they will tell you exactly the same thing.
My friends, I am not crying over spilled milk. No. We must be smarter, more tactical in 2012-- be it for Ruto or Mudavadi; we have to be more tactical in 20017-- be it for Orengo, Nyon'go or yourself .
Unfortunately, some of us in the blogs saw what was comming, but who read the blogs, and who would act on them? Just before the election (O my troubled Visions!) I blogged in the Daily Nation warning that IF ON ELECTION NIGHT, PRESIDENTIAL RETURNS FROM PNU BEDROCKS OF CENTRAL AND UPPER EASTERN ARE NOT IN, WHILE ODM'S NYANZA, WESTERN AND RIFT VALLEY ARE TALLIED, THEN KNOW THAT THE ELECTION IS BEING RIGGED. This blog was a response to an Omari Kenya Election2007 blog, to my knowledge, it was not published.In the same troubling prophetic book, The Wise One of Ramogiland, The Seer tells the Preeminent Warrior "The Seer also sees a traumatic path; a path so traumatic at the beginning, only to be very bright at the end."

In the last paragraph of the same book, "The Wise One of Ramogiland," the Seer gives the Warrior a shepherds stick and commands him to head north to the land of the Long River where Ramogi's cousins remain in grave peril.
My troubled writings, inspired by forces beyond my grasp, force me to declare that The Preeminewnt Warrior is going to be great, but not in the manner, and not through the path you and I had envisioned.Keep the candle of hope burning.

Dr. Joseph R. Alila
(Author of the Political Satire: The Wise One of Ramogiland)

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