Sunday, January 13, 2008

Kenyan in Crisis

1. Uganda Role in Kenya in Crisis

THe Kenyan Blogs are awash with sitings of Museveni's Soldier's in Western Kenya; the leading Kenyan publication The East African Standard reports such sitings too. Why on earth would landlocked Uganda be agitating for chaos in a region of Kenya through which its Oil, industrial supplies and domestic consumer goods pass by rail and pipelines?

Lessons from History for the young among us
That great philosopher son of Africa, the late HE Presisdent Julius Nyerere once declared when Idi Amin invaded Tanzania, "If a Snake invades your house, you must chop its head." Nyerere WENT ON TO HAND AMIN A DECISIVE VICTORY over a much overated Ugandan Army that constantly threatened Kenya with invasion. Obote, Okelo, and Museveni would ride on Nyerer's back to oust Amin. Museveni appears not to have appreciated historical lessons in which he was an actor as a young man out the University of Daresalaam. Our wise also say that "You don't chop the hand that feeds you." Museveni does not need an unstable Kenya. Kenya has an Army and her women still give birth to sons; it does not need Ugandan forces for any purpose.

J. R. Alila, PhD
(Author: The Wise One of Ramogiland)

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