Monday, December 3, 2012

I've Walked the Walk

I've walked the walk,

And traveled the distance,

And I've known how it feels

To be on the other side of midnight In an alien land--

Pumping gas into a tired car

In a village that goes to sleep

And no dog barks.

Yet I knew eyes were on me

As I swiped my credit card

Into a rusty old pad.

I've known what it feels

To sleep outside your soul,

For but a brief moment,

And I've resolved to blog, talk, tweet,

laugh,and get busy

For when the light goes out,

And the blog updates stop,

And the tweets cease,

And no more phone rings,

The silence becomes noisy and dissonant.

So I've resolved to think, talk, write, tweet,

and blog,and write a book online
Beacuse messages unseen, unread, unheard,...

Are but a collection of characters,

mere words left to gather dust and mold.

JR Alila. p

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