Monday, November 19, 2012

It's NaNoWriMo, the now world famous writing championship, in which whoever reaches a 50 thousand words in 30 days wins. You may say YES 50k times and win, if you can convince yourself that it is literature. It's you with the typewriter or keyboard. It is November, and if you live in the far north, you'll need a lot of tissue paper to go through it. Cold medication will not do because you need to be fully alert to be able to mint meaningful words. You may cheat, like lifting passages from your old essays from school, but for what? January is ahead, and with it comes Amazon/ Penguin Breakthrough Novel Awards, and that is where you would want to see your NaNoWriMo project polished and entered in a real competition. I wrote several groundbreaking works during NaNoWriMo, including THE LUO DREAMERS ODYSSEY the allegorical, historical-fiction work that appears to have presaged our world today; BIRTHRIGHT (A Luo Tragedy) which has been a college anthropological-reading text here in the Americas; THE AMERICAN POLYGAMIST; and lately MAYA, a literary novel that has nothing to do with the Mayan-predicted cataclysmic events in the near future; the novel has everything to do with the fast-evolving America cultural milieu that has left priests wondering as to what has hit them!

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