Thursday, December 22, 2011

To all group members, I wish to say a HAPPY NEW YEAR. I hope you have had good tidings in 2011. For me it started with the publication of the novel BIRTHRIGHT (A Luo Tragedy). If you have not read this book, please do. All of you have been a blessing to me even as most of you have not read any of my novels. I know you are cheeering me on all the time. Those in the DIASPORA should have no excuse for not having my books in your hands from Amazon/Author Joseph R Alila:; those in Kenya, I promise to reach you locally before the end of 2012. Those of you who have written back to me pointing out areas of possible improvement in my writings, I say"thank you." You have made me a more purposeful novelist and poet. If you reread THE LUO DREAMERS ODYSSEY (From the Sudan to American Power) and thought I am a kind of prophet after various events unfolded in 2011, get over it, I am but a mere thoughtful novelist! Regards, Author Joseph R. Alila

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