Monday, December 26, 2011

The Choirmaster (A spiritual Tragedy) : The Disagreeable Characters.

If you are a young man looking for a woman to marry, don’t be like rubbery Michael the choirmaster; if you are a married young woman don’t be like Eva, the woman who decided to sit out all of her husband’s evangelistic activities; if you are a single woman and another woman beat you to a man’s heart, forget it and move on, don’t be like that girl who wrecked a fellow church member’s marriage; if you are a man, don’t be like Saul the soul-killer, and definitely don’t be like his wife–the woman whose cellphone never stopping buzzing the events in her neighbors’ lives; if you are a minister, stop kidding, there are certain weddings you can refuse to bless! If you are a church elder, you are the “deacon” of the faithful: your word is gold, don’t waste it! The novel THE CHOIRMASTER is not about music, it is about life, read it and live well.

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