Saturday, January 10, 2009


Listen to our "Ker," (this Luo word has no accurate English translation! so bare with me) Prime Minister Raila Odinga, the man who says that he has been teargassed so many times that he has permanent eye damage. That is part of the tragic price the modern warrior has paid for valor. (It this kind of downpayment for freedom and democracy made in a warrior's blood and health that makes the poet's pen and voice quiver as he implores Rateng' to let the Bride Go in "RATENG' AND BRIDE"). PM Odinga mourns the lives needlessly sacrificed during the struggle to have people's votes and voices respected after the 2007 Kenya Presidential Election. He says that existing relics of a (colonial) civic structure and occupying (PNU) functionaries have frustrated the implementation of agreed points in his coalition government with President Kibaki.

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Dear Mr. Josheph Alila

It's a coincidence that Prime Minister Raila Odinga was in my city, yesterday. There is business/investment conference here (in Ahmedabad, India), and he talked with Indian businessmen to invest in Kenya.

Naval Langa

JR Alila said...

Mr. Langa,
Thank you for the observation. We thought he PM Raila Odinga would be Kenya's President before President Obama became America's President(Both are Luo, Obama through his Father), but it was not supposed to be.