Thursday, January 1, 2009


I am author Joseph R. Alila. In THE MILAYI CURSE, which is my second novel, I bring to my readers and fans a spiritual story of people caught up in a conflict between isles of love within a sea of hate; a conflict between a conservative and prejudicial, old perspective of life against the hope and innocence of youth; a struggle between a new Christian religious perspective and an entrenched traditional, religious order. The battlefield is for the people's souls, with Father James on one side and Mrs. Milayi on the other, and the rest in between. A family divide with a historical origin has survived for centuries, and continues to haunt great-grandchildren of the original principals, two cousins—the Jamokos and the Milayis. The cold war and social schism within the clan is such that neither side could inherit a widow from the opposing side of the clan divide and successfully sire a male child. That the Jamokos are generally rich and the Milayis generally poor, and that this class schism was the result of the original conflict, has not helped the situation. But there are a few Saints on ether side of clan-divide: two boys (and now men) whose fates are tied to academic achievements; a rich Jamoko man who sponsors a Milayi boy’s education—when a Church Mission establishes a school; a Priest, Father James, who ministers to the troubled souls of his polarized congregation, and is the secret conduit of the scholarship from Jamoko to the Milayi boy’s education trust. This battle is being fought the more intensely in the hearts of two women in the lives of two boyhood friends—a friendship that outlives their ages and changes in fortune. Mrs Jamoko (the Mayor's daughter) is not amused that her husband—Councillor Jamoko—is playing 'servant' to a Milayi politician (Charles). An educated Milayi (Charles, an MP) is the new voice of the clan—a role that only Divine Providence could have established. But his mother, Mrs. Consolata Milayi, believes that the Jamokos are out to destroy her son, Charles Milayi. Caught up in the war within the souls, is Father James, the keeper of Confessional Secrets, and a constant listener and counselor to Mrs. Milayi. Father James has to reveal to Mrs. Milayi the little Secret between her son’s success and David Jamoko’s generosity, during what could have been her last rites. She wakes up from her self-inflicted spiritual wounds, and prison of hate against the Jamokos, and becomes a champion of reconciliation within the clan.

The Milayi Curse

By Joseph R. Alila



Dear Mr. J R Alila

You have woven a quite interesting story in your new novel. It is not important that what type of hardships we encounter during our life; it is important how we face it.

Naval Langa

JR Alila said...

Thank you Mr Langa for your comments about my work; and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you. May your pen (if you still use one) continue to flourish! Sinserely.

JR Alila