Friday, December 19, 2008

WORLD FOOD CRISIS: The African Woman and Her Children

Over one year ago, I published the Poetry Collection "THIRTEEN CURSES ON MOTHER AFRICA, BY Joseph R. Alila ( " One of the thirteen curses was poverty including lack of food; another curse was wars, and the greatest victims under both curses were African women and their children. I dedicated several pages in the poetry collection to the precariousness of the Sahel where desert threatens marginally wet areas; where the Dar fur war is being fought.

Now with the world food crisis looming---thanks to modern man's desire for Bio diesel at the expense of using arable land to grow grains to specifically feed humans and animals---the African woman---that almost-fixed feature of the rural African landscape---and her children, are now caught in the crossroads of the war between food sufficiency and "going green" on our roads. It should not be an either or situation!Poetry can be green!

JR Alila

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