Thursday, July 17, 2008

Managing and Living with Tension

I am author Joseph R. Alila. In a number of my novels, there are moments and periods of tension: between husbands and their wives; between widows and their in-laws; between religious beliefs; between children and their parents; between changing cultures. Those heroes and heroins in these novels, who live to see a better tomorrow, are those who manage to live above tension by realising that tension is caused by, and is between, two or more parties; that the very act of one party refusing to negatively promote the tension, by reaching across and promoting positive dialogue instead, is enough to diffuse the tension. These individuals, also realized that tension denies them the energy and emotional health to function as normal human beings.
Why don't we resolve to turn our backs on situations that can promote tension. For those in polygamous relationships, this will be adaily effort. But those of us in monogomous marriages are not safe from the constant wind of negative emotions: we still have to contend with that mother-in-law whose dinners are compulsory weekly affairs; there is that woman in Church whom you imagine to be dressing for you or your husband, and whose every word must be analyzed with the help of a thesaurus; there is your neighbor, who in innocence, packs his Next-Year Lexus infront of your old GM Blazer during these trying economic times, and whom you believe to be doing that so as to fuel the tension between you and your wife.
I could cite more situations in our lives that do promote tension, and which we have a choice as human beings to recoil from.
Can we make "tension diffusion" our daily goals in life, can't we? Don't we have our Holy Scriptures, Consellors, and Devotional Authors.
JR Alila

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