Monday, June 30, 2008

Grand Regency Saga

The Grand Regency (GR) Hotel saga is evolving by the day:

The Libyans have used locals to buy the GR Hotel for them.

The same law-firm (Watengula, Makhoka, ---) facilitated the sale on behalf of both the Government and the Libyans! Interesting?

It is being reported that Hon. Orengo's Office now reveals that the Hotel its Land were sold at Ks 1.8B and not KSh. 2.8 B!

It looks like the President has given the Prime Minister the mandate to clear the mess; Mr. Odinga is chairing a Cabinate Sub-committee on the issue; the Ag Mr. Wako, the embatled Finance Minister, Mr. Kimunya; the Justice Minister Mrs. Martha Karua and Mr. Orengo (the Whistle Blower) are part of the committee.

By doing this Mr. Kibaki is trying to sacrifice the young Hon. Kimunya froma distance---No wonder, all the usual dogs of politics in Central Kenya have told Kiminya to carry his own Cross! When PM Odinga, Justice-Minister Karua and Ag. Wako are through with Kimunya, I believe there will be a unanimous recommendation by the PM's committee to the President Kibaki to fire Kimunya ! And the President will use his pen then--- that is if Kimunya will not have resigned after Hon. Imanyara's expected Parliamentary censor. This happens all the time to every small fish in politics; they are used then dumped.

Do you see how a PM can do the job of an embatled President?

But the bigger question is why Libya needs a prime location in Africa's Key international gateway? Is it the Libya-Uganda Axis and their PanAfrican Dreams? the same axis Moi feared? Why is a Ugandan the Chief Engineer under the new management at GR Hotel?

JR Alila

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