Sunday, April 13, 2008


President Kibaki of Kenya and Prime Minister Raila Odinga name a New Cabinet, which is generally fair to both ODM and PNU today. Politicians' small egos have been assuaged by splitting Resources-related areas into many ministries. Let us move on and wait and see how Ass. Ministers and Ministers from different parties function. Kenyans are in for some theatrics never seen before. Resettling IDPs should be a priority to the coalition.

Prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga, Congratulations! Show Kenyans how to be a just-and-fair Prime Minister; the ball is in your court.
Hon. Kajwang' and Hon. Ojode, congratulations; we have come of age.
Hon. Ruto, thank you for showing leadership in allowing that man from Mululu to position ODM party for 2012.
Hon. Ngilu, Hon. Magara, Hon. Balala, and Hon. Nyaga, and Hon. Ntimama, thank you for your courage--continue to be strong.

My novel, THE WISE ONE OF RAMOGILAND, ( finally has a prophetic place.

Joseph R. Alila

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