Tuesday, April 8, 2008


The long-awaited novel, "SINS OF OUR HEART," by Joseph R. Alila [ISBN 978-1438200132, Published by CreateSpace (http://www.createspace.com/3339874)] is now available for purchase through http://www.amazon.com/ and through other major bookstores such as http://borders.com ; http://waldenbooks.com; http://www.target.com

In "Sins of Our Hearts," novelist Joseph R Alila visits what lies beneath our ready smiles; he narrates the fate of a congregation in which the sins of prejudice and hate, nurtured by affluence, race, poor elder leadership and a hands-off-pastoral style, threaten the very purpose of a church--which is to foster love and empathy among its membership. The lessons learnt should have a universal application.


Pastor Rew Smith heads the affluent New Hope Oakpound Church in which things appear to be well, but there is a deep spiritual problem: His church suffers from a shortage of Love. New converts are called names , and go unattended to, as the young Pastor spends most of his evenings at Oakpound Big Boys Health and Fitness Club. His Lay Leadership basks in self-righteousness, and a form of spirituality without of any force of love behind it. Led by Mrs. Smith, some members of the Women Wing have introduced a controversial Foot-Washing method for its convenience, but in which the virtues of humility and selfless love are virtually dead.

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