Monday, January 21, 2008

Must Britain Recognize the Disputed Kibaki Presidecy?

THE Kenyan Govt demands to be recognized by the British Gov't, declared Kenyans Foreign Minister Mr. Moses Watengula. He demands were as a result of matters arising out of a House-of-Commons debate on the Kenyan election gridlock. Pundits wonder how the British Govt can be forced to declare the recognition of Mr. Kibaki's Presidency, that even the beleaugured ECK Chairman, Mr. Kivuiti, doubts.
If you have fogotten, this is the same Kivuitu who was frogmatched out of KICC poll-tallying center at gunpoint, with TV camers rolling, only to reemerge on State-controlled KBC-TV declaring Mr. Kibaki the winner and within the hour he would appear at Mr. Kibaki's rushed swearing ceremony.
Hon. Raila Odinga and his ODM and supporters continue to protest the decision which those in the know have declared to have been won by Hon Raila Odinga by at least 130000 votes.
Parliament in Britain is sacrosanct and the British Foreign Ministry cannot control what it deliberates up, Kenya and all. Hon Watengula needs to know that the same British Parliament can dictate British policy posture against Kenya, the same way the European Parliament did the other day. Joseph Alila. (Author: The Wise One of Ramogiland)

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