Sunday, January 6, 2008


Fellow Kenyans at Home and in the Diaspora,

1. Does it occur to you that by announcing a fumbled electoral tally in favor of the incumbent (President Mwai Kibake) the Chairman of The Electoral Commission of Kenyan (Mr. Kivuitu) has made some of you refugees either at Home (As Internally Displaced Person), in a neighboring country (like those who have fled to Uganda and Tanzania) and in the Diaspora (because they have no home to return to) ?
2. Do you see the sense to work extra hard to avoid this getting worse than it already is to about 500, 000 Kenyans?

3. What can you do to reverse the chaos that threaten to make Kenya another Failed State?

4. What can you do to help those displaced?

5. Do you know that SILENCE does not help in this situation?

6. Do you understand that careless talk in the blogs and chatrooms can worsen the situation?
Let me hear your views on the Next Step.

J.R. Alila (Author: The Wise One of Ramogiland)

watch and listen to this

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