Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kenya in Crisis

Two thoughts on the future of Kenya. The first (read link below) has a philosophical appeal and goes right to the heart of the Kenyan Dilema. The author decries the Power Vacuum that exists, failed or biased national institutions, and a polarized Church. He leaves us wondering as to whom we should turn for dear peace?
Meanwhile the Kibaki Administration claims that the crisis can be solved internally; AU or UN should not intervene even as the Annan committee has laid down the ground rules, to which ODM has responded, while the overly-lawyered three-man team from PNU is still mulling over them (time wasting?).
AU insists Kenya will be discussed in Addis this week, of course against protestations from Kenya. Kibaki is attending (will he be recognized? If you have read my poetry collection "Thirteen Curse on Mother Africa," lulu ( your guess should be that he will be recognized by his fellow Chiefs: AU Eating Chiefs never never disowned one of their member, however tainted he or she is.
Thanks to the South African delegation, Kenyan Crisis is number one item on this week's agenda at AU Headquarters in Addis.

Now, a very radical view (I say treasonable if entertained by a Kenyan) is that of the Rwandese Leader, Kagame: He opines that the Kenyan Army should take over before a downward civil spiral into the like of Rwanda of the recent past. Interestingly The Daily Nation (Kenya) had the guts to have printed it (Read Link Below to Daily Nation Kenya). This a bold and unusual statement from an African Leader against a sitting other. But remember that Rwanda is landlocked and has a Kenyan Export-Import Lifeline. We hope Uganda which also relies on Kenyan roads and rail to export and import good, does not think along the same lines.
We must pray for Kenya because even the ARMY is Ethincized.

JR Alila

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