Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Thirteen Curses on Mother Africa

Readers of Sunset on Polygamy (ISBN: 1-4241-6684-5),

Joseph R Alila's long-awaited poetry collection, THIRTEEN CURSES ON MOTHER AFRICA, ISBN: 978-14303-1592-6, I promised to deliver to you a month back, is finally available online. The collection is published by Lulu (www.lulu.com).

As you read the poems you will come up with other curses on Africa that touch on your life, and should have been the subject of my poetry, but aren't. That is normal, because the poet is just but an empty horn, or trumpet, or drum, through whom messages are blown or drummed by the Master Player. He or she cannot be an instrument in a Natural or Cultural vacuum. Culture and Nature represent the Master Player.
Read on, children of Mother Ebony.
Have a good reading.

Joseph Alila

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