Wednesday, March 14, 2007

On Polygamy and AIDS

Can Polygamy remain alive in the face of diseases epidemics, particularly AIDS?
That is the burning issue among societies that have for centuries embraced the practice of polygamy.
The author of "Sunset on Polygamy" raises this fundamental question through the eyes of one who has lost family and friends to the disease, and he who was himself a child in a polygamous home.
The problem is controlling human behavior in an increasing restless (morally) world in which being faithful to one's spouse may be as wishfull as carrying water in a wicker basket.
The woman you love, or the man you love as a your husband, kills you in a single, shared moment.
When a man wedded his now 'old' wife twenty years ago, he didn't have to take a joint STD test (the AIDS test) which is now mandatory for brides/bridegrooms.
That is how AIDS hasfundamentally altered our human behaviour; trust has been thrown out of the window, even among highly religious folks.
Now, factor in a second or third wife and odds for one's death in the bedroom has increased hundred-fold.
To the existence of AIDS, factor in other cultural practices relating to marriage, disease and death, then what results is a highly tragic and lethal quagmire


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