Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Alila's Sunset on Polygamy


My (Joseph Alila's) Novel "Sunset on Polygamy" (ISBN: 1-4216684-5 ; 13 ISBN: 978-142416684-8) is here. The official release date is April 2, 2007. Get a copy of this engaging book. Try to get your copy through; http://www.barnes&; or
Your local bookstore (B&N) will call it in for you, if that is what you prefer. Google 'CAMPUSI' and find out the sense of worldwide appeal Alila's rare exposition on polygamy, romance, culture, and the tragedy in (AIDS) epidemic. CAMPUSI (www.campusi.comm) will provide you with the nearest supplier and a sense of price before you place your order. Get your copy. Remember, 2nd-hand books will be more epensive than PublishAmerica, B&N or Amazon retail price.

Easter is here.

Joseph R Alila

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