Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sunset on Polygamy

SUNSET ON POLYGAMY (by Joseph R. Alila)
(ISBN No. 14241-6684-5)
Is available online worldwide, ahead of its April 2, 2007 release date.
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SUNSET ON POLYGAMY (by Joseph R. Alila) (ISBN No. 14241-6684-5)

A near-fatal crisis pits polygamous Jim and younger wives against the hyper-jealous Felicia the Nyadendi, a master of intrigues, who engineers a home-wide mutiny. Mutiny ends, and a surge of babies for all but the in-menopause Felicia the Nyadendi. Unable to withstand a childless period in her journey, Felicia suffers a mental breakdown. But she would have the last laugh, thanks to a contegious disease epidemic.
The New Disease ensnares her people as Gina, virus-infected and very beautiful, unwillingly remarries because of spiritual demands placed upon her by the ways of her people. Deceivingly healthy, Gina kills suitor-after-suitor, and shuts down home-after-home, as the society sleeps and nurses a tragic spiritual (Luo: Chira) explanation for a medically well-understood Viral-Killer. Gina’s long life is a tragedy, and so are polygamy, wife-inheritance, and a communal psyche moored on a myriad of taboos.

Joseph Ramogi Alila

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