Sunday, February 25, 2007

Alila's Sunset on Polygamy available online Worldwide


Alila's "Sunset on Polygamy" (ISBN 1424166845) has hit European and American online stores well ahead of its April 2, 2007 release.This book on life's tragedies and conflicts between age-old cultural practices and the reality of a disease epidemic is a must read for all of us who must struggle with tragic consequences of deeply-ingrained populist cultural norms.
It is a novel about romance and love; it is a book about our moral lows; it is a book about the power of humans to procreate and to kill by their actions and thought. It is a book about human folly: the first wife who in ire almost killed her husband; the many men who thought they would survive on the breast of a woman who had dispatched many men to their graves.
In a sense it is a book about the spiritual power of women over the destiny of mankind evn as men think otherwise.
JR Alila

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